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  • Reverse Engineering Customer Success Story: 3Discovered

    "Within two days of implementing SpaceClaim, we were up and running and making very complex models.”

    — Gene Garbaccio, COO 3Discovered

    Read Gene's quote again, then let it sink in. That is a customer telling the power of SpaceClaim as it applies to their business. As a startup company, 3Discovered had a crucial need convert scanned data to usable 3D models. They had no teams of people to invest time in software research or best practices. They simply needed results yesterday, so to speak. SpaceClaim offered them value, speed, and quality work.

    Watch this case study video to learn more ...

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  • Reverse Engineering Customer Success Story: Physical Digital

    This is part 4 of a series we're doing on customer success stories. The first, second, and third posts are already available.

    “We were awarded a project that was substantial enough and easy enough to look at doing the work ourselves and in doing that work, SpaceClaim paid for itself. That was a big advantage. It was literally overnight.”

    — Daniel Lainchbury, Senior Applications Engineer, Physical Digital

    Physical Digital Ltd Brings Reverse Engineering In House with ANSYS SpaceClaim

    As an R&D engineer with McLaren Group, Tim Rapley was an integral part of the team that introduced high-quality, non-contact 3D scanning to ...

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