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  • Introducing ANSYS AIM for Multiphysics

    Richard Clegg is a Director of Software Development at ANSYS, Inc., and the Program Director for AIM. He is responsible for the overall AIM product roadmap, development, and quality. Richard has over 25 years of experience in the use and development of simulation software across multiple physics disciplines (20 years with ANSYS). Read more of Richard's post on the ANSYS blog. This post is a repeat of an ANSYS blot post in April 2015.

    ANSYS 16.0 delivers the first integrated and comprehensive multiphysics simulation environment designed for all engineers. This environment is called ANSYS AIM and it is ...

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  • Infographic: Fast Repair of Broken CAD Models for Simulation

    Fast Repair of Broken CAD Models for Simulation

    Analysts frequently receive CAD files that are broken or corrupt because designers don't design for simulation. If your company is still enforcing a single-CAD platform, you have to pick your poison: try to make changes yourself with the frustrating feature-based CAD software, or send the model back to the design team and wait, sometimes for days. In either case, you are relying on software that isn't intended for, or very good at making analysis easier.

    A third option is to use 3D modeling software that was specifically designed for analysis preprocessing so you can quickly repair and edit models from ...

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