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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

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  • New Manufacturing Partner: NCG CAM

    Guest Blog - NCG CAM Solutions Ltd

    Established in Cambridge, UK, NCG CAM Solutions Ltd has been providing advanced CAM software solutions for many years, offering all the tools needed to manufacture prototypes, models, moulds, dies, patterns and finished products. Our specialist area is dealing with very complex 3D geometry and facilitating High Speed Machining (HSM) CAM with our product NCG CAM.

    All our staff have a wealth of CAM experience, having worked in the CADCAM and engineering industry for many years. In particular, every member of our support team has worked on the shop-floor using CAM software on ...

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  • 3D Printing Customer Success Story: FORMRISE GmbH

    Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing with you some of our more recent customer success stories. The first one is below.

     "Compared to classic CAD, this represents a huge advantage."

    Rapid option for 3D printing: Laser sintering on the EOS P110 Laser sinter machine - high stability and quality

    With its comprehensive know-how about the new technology of laser sintering, FORMRISE GmbH in Germany is one of the few suppliers already producing small-scale series of technical parts for numerous branches of the industry. The 3D modeling system SpaceClaim has proven itself to be the perfect tool ...

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  • Guest Blog: Exploding an Assembly is now possible in SpaceClaim

    SpaceClaim is a 3D modeling software solution used by many small and medium enterprises for a variety of purposes. Of its many applications, some use it for 3D modeling of components/assemblies to fabricate, bid modeling, sheet metal related work, model preparation for CAE and CAM, etc. Modeling of components is very easy with SpaceClaim’s great 3D direct modeling technology. So is the process of assembling these components using the intuitive assembly conditions, saving the users time and effort.

    If the components modeled and assembled in SpaceClaim are needed to be fabricated or manufactured, the individual components are manufactured first and ...

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  • 3D Printing in a 2D World

    3D printing is about as hot of a topic as you can get these days. This extent to which 3D printing could potentially revolutionize the manufacturing process hasn't been seen since the initial introduction of CAD decades ago. Even outside manufacturing, everywhere you look there is someone leveraging 3D printing in a new and creative way. For example, check out this really cool 3D printed Batmobile:

    Batman Fan 3D Prints Batmobile and Batcycle

    Despite what the media and hype want you to think, though, many manufacturers are still living in a 2D to 3D world.

    Manufacturing shops still receive 2D ...

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  • The Knowledge Drift in Sheet Metal

    CAD knowledge is drifting. We believe this knowledge drift is happening across the spectrum of manufacturing. No longer solely the domain of dedicated CAD specialists, a growing number of specialized sub-contractors are creating and adjusting designs for their clients to save time and money. Let’s look at sheet metal as a good example of the dynamic.

    It’s hard to be an expert in all things, yet a single product is often made of many materials with distinct modeling needs. For example, the CAD designer for a toy company might be a plastics expert and know a lot about injection molding, but ...

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  • 3D Modeling Reaches a Broad New Audience with DesignSpark Mechanical

    When we started this blog, we promised to mark the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers. This week, that expansion got a huge boost from our partners RS Components and Allied Electronics with the launch of DesignSpark Mechanical. This free software, based on SpaceClaim technology, comes packed with time-saving features to help engineers design quickly and creatively. 

    DesignSpark Mechanical is a perfect 3D modeling tool for RS Components and Allied Electronics customers looking to create designs like racks and enclosures, yet not requiring the full set of editing, repair and import/export features needed by SpaceClaim Engineer users, and ...

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  • Edit the 3D Model, Not STL

    There’s been a really easy process in place for additive manufacturing or 3D printing going back as long as I can remember. The easiest way to think about it is to work backwards: the first things you need are a printer and material. Once you have the printer and the material, you need something to print – an STL file. Modeling software, which made the original 3D model – from crankshaft to phone case – is the source of that STL file.  

    So to put that in order of execution:

    1.    A 3D model is built in 3D CAD...

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