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  • ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

    ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

    Posted by Markus Heubner

    Years ago, vocational training centered on teaching students to manually operate machines for shops or factory applications. Today, apprentices at training centers like the Remscheid Vocational Training Center in Germany learn complete processes for successful production — from CAD via CAM to machining (CNC) to finished component.To prepare apprentices for successful careers in the mechanical and electrical industries, the vocational center requires them to learn a number of software programs. For the past five years, ANSYS SpaceClaim has been their CAD software of choice.

    The Remscheid Vocational Training ...

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  • Customer Success Story: Cadventures

    This is part 3 of a series we're doing on customer success stories. The first and second posts are already available.

    "SpaceClaim is a 'no-brainer'. This is the software to keep. The relative low cost of the software and the low cost of maintenance is a big help to small business people like me. Knowing there are real people that care just an email or phone call away is very assuring.” - Curt Long, CAD detailer


    Cadventures Finds Quick and Easy 3D Model Editing is no Pipe Dream With SpaceClaim

    Curt Long, a CAD ...

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  • Guest Blog: The Harmonic Resonance That Facilitates Innovation

    Peter Norlindh is the Partner Alliances Executive (CAD / CAE) at Algoryx Simulation. Algoryx is a partner of ANSYS SpaceClaim. Their product, Dynamics for SpaceClaim, is available as an add-on to ANSYS SpaceClaim

    Some years ago, I applied for a job at a major engineering company. I phoned the head of engineering and began to promote myself as being Creative and Analytical. Upon which he replied: "I recently took a management training course which included a segment on personality traits. Apparently, a single person cannot exhibit both Creative and Analytical abilities. Those qualities are mutually exclusive. So, I can't ...

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  • To The Races!

    Many words come to mind when one thinks about ANSYS SpaceClaim: versatile, powerful, innovative...

    But perhaps the word that comes to mind the most is FAST.

    So it's only fitting that ANSYS SpaceClaim is now a sponsor of 30 year veteran race car driver Kevin Bolland and his team at Bol-Tech Motorsports. The sponsorship made its public debut last weekend at the "Steel Valley Thunder" event at the Sharon Motor Speedway in Hartford, OH, where Bolland's Big Block Dirt Modified #‘777, freshly branded with ANSYS and SpaceClaim decals, burned up the DIRTcar Big Block Modified racetrack to a runner-up ...

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  • SpaceClaim for Geometry Equality

    Can you spot the difference between the three images of our fearless geometry leader below? Think hard.


    Unless you are a robot, then you probably can’t see any difference at all. Each image is exactly the same to the human eye. The difference is that one is a jpeg, one is a png, and the other is a bmp file. But that’s not important; what matters is the end result and how the image looks. It doesn’t really matter what file format it is.

    So why then do engineers and the CAD systems they use discriminate against different file ...

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  • Our Philosophy (Or Why We Develop 3D Modeling Software That Is Not CAD)

    Humanity evolves because we innovate and build tools to solve our problems. It’s the foundation of our survival and of society, no matter which corner of the world we live in. We enjoy and take pride in our ability to overcome our obstacles by bringing our ideas to fruition.

    At SpaceClaim, we believe that technology shouldn’t hinder the innovation of new ideas, nor should it get in the way of solving problems. Technology should accelerate and evolve our ability to work better and more efficiently. More importantly, the process of creating and producing shouldn’t be stripped of their inherent enjoyment, ...

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  • 3D Printed Bridge

    Robots will soon be 3D printing a steel bridge in Amsterdam.

    The pedestrian bridge’s exact location is set to be announced later this year, but it is rumored to be right in the center of the city, crossing over the waters of one of Amsterdam’s canals. 

    This is a major milestone in the world of engineering because the bridge will be printed onsite in mid-air. Up until now, 3D printing was typically done inside machines, one layer at a time.  The ability to print such a complex, functional, and beautiful structure wherever desired opens the door to endless possibilities and ...

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  • SpaceClaim Success Story: 4D RD&D and Constraint Free Design

    In 2011, Waylan Elmenhurst had been a heavy equipment and fabrication technician for decades and always found himself interested in concept design. He had an idea for a product that he could design himself and, as a new father, wanted to explore a career that allowed him to work in a less dangerous environment and spend more time at home.

    With his inventions providing the motivation to dive into concept design, he tried several software options through trials, but found SpaceClaim was the easiest to learn and did everything he needed at a price that allowed him to start his ...

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  • Confessions from a 3D Model Benchmark Expert – Part 2

    As I explained in the last post, Confessions from a 3D Model Benchmark Expert, it became clear over a career in convincing others of parametric CAD’s speed and ease that speed and ease were beside the point.  No matter how fast a CAD system could be under ideal conditions and with years of hard training, the savings would never make up for the fact that people didn't use the software the way we expected.

    The central use case – one engineer building one model that served as the point of reference from sketch to manufacture – didn’t exist in ...

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  • Confessions from a 3D Model Benchmark Expert – Part 1

    By the mid-nineties, engineers using 3D modeling software had been living the world of Feature>Create>Protrusion>Extruded>One-Dir>Select>Plane>OK>Confirm for so long that finding SolidWorks must have seemed like stumbling into an ice cream parlor after years in the desert.

    I was at another large CAD company at the time, in the benchmark group, showing our product to prospects. We would practice until our shoulders ached, clicking ever faster and faster.  Benchmark tests were timed and the faster teams won the 3D model contests.

    Around 1998, things started to change – the faster we clicked, the worse the prospects’ reaction. We heard them say, ...

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