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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

  • Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 - New Features


    Download Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0

    Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 marks a major step forward in terms of post-processing.  The plot tool now features the ability to plot any output data as a function of any other.  This facilitates advanced phase diagram, mechanical advantage and frequency domain studies, and more.

    Additionally, we have added functionality that helps you analyse and compare data from multiple simulations and design iterations.  This is a valuable asset that makes it possible to evolve mechanical designs more intelligently and efficiently, and simplifies sensitivity and reliability analysis.

    Here is a brief explanation on how to use ...

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  • Reverse Engineering Customer Success Story: Physical Digital

    This is part 4 of a series we're doing on customer success stories. The first, second, and third posts are already available.

    “We were awarded a project that was substantial enough and easy enough to look at doing the work ourselves and in doing that work, SpaceClaim paid for itself. That was a big advantage. It was literally overnight.”

    — Daniel Lainchbury, Senior Applications Engineer, Physical Digital

    Physical Digital Ltd Brings Reverse Engineering In House with ANSYS SpaceClaim

    As an R&D engineer with McLaren Group, Tim Rapley was an integral part of the team that introduced high-quality, non-contact 3D scanning to ...

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