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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

  • Guest Blog: Exploding an Assembly is now possible in SpaceClaim

    SpaceClaim is a 3D modeling software solution used by many small and medium enterprises for a variety of purposes. Of its many applications, some use it for 3D modeling of components/assemblies to fabricate, bid modeling, sheet metal related work, model preparation for CAE and CAM, etc. Modeling of components is very easy with SpaceClaim’s great 3D direct modeling technology. So is the process of assembling these components using the intuitive assembly conditions, saving the users time and effort.

    If the components modeled and assembled in SpaceClaim are needed to be fabricated or manufactured, the individual components are manufactured first and ...

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  • 3D Printing

    One of the most prideful moments in life comes from succeeding when it seems like every obstacle and roadblock is thrown in one's way. Heart and courage are always the underlying drivers for such success stories, but these successes may not be possible without a great supporting cast, as well. Take, for example, those who have to learn how to live without a limb. Engineers, researchers, and doctors have made incredible strides in the realm of prosthetics recently due to the emergence of 3D Printing, allowing those in need the ability to access more affordable, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easier ...

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