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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

  • SpaceClaim partners with reverseengineering.com

    SpaceClaim is pleased to announce a partnership with reverseengineering.com. Their Highres Integrated Point Processing (HIPP) software streams live data sets from various scanning devices directly into SpaceClaim. For more information please visit reverseengineer.com, and see their press release

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  • Forward Thinking in Reverse Engineering

    What is reverse engineering and why do I need it?

    Reverse engineering has been an industry buzzword for some time and it has come to mean several things. The traditional picture it conjures is of several engineers gathered around a physical part, taking various physical measurements in an attempt to fully understand its shape and form. Their end goal is to re-create the part through any one of several manufacturing methods, where the manufactured part is nearly identical to the original.
    Hands making a measurement with calipers

    While that picture is not far off from the topic today, the world of reverse engineering has grown more ...

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  • ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

    ANSYS SpaceClaim Speeds the Evolution of Apprenticeships

    Posted by Markus Heubner

    Years ago, vocational training centered on teaching students to manually operate machines for shops or factory applications. Today, apprentices at training centers like the Remscheid Vocational Training Center in Germany learn complete processes for successful production — from CAD via CAM to machining (CNC) to finished component.To prepare apprentices for successful careers in the mechanical and electrical industries, the vocational center requires them to learn a number of software programs. For the past five years, ANSYS SpaceClaim has been their CAD software of choice.

    The Remscheid Vocational Training ...

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  • SpaceClaim customer success story - AgileCine


    Maybe this narrative sounds familiar: Small company has an innovative product but struggles with time to market. The cause? Geometry bottlenecks.

    AgileCine Inc. is yet another company fitting this description. And like many others, they chose SpaceClaim to help solve their geometry problems. Read about their story in our newest case study!

    Something worth mentioning that you won't read in the formal case study is Daniel Zatz's blunt description of the benefits of SpaceClaim. When asked to comment on SpaceClaim's ROI and cost benefits, Daniel replied with a question: "How much does a heart attack cost?" ...

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  • Reverse Engineering Customer Success Story: 3Discovered

    "Within two days of implementing SpaceClaim, we were up and running and making very complex models.”

    — Gene Garbaccio, COO 3Discovered

    Read Gene's quote again, then let it sink in. That is a customer telling the power of SpaceClaim as it applies to their business. As a startup company, 3Discovered had a crucial need convert scanned data to usable 3D models. They had no teams of people to invest time in software research or best practices. They simply needed results yesterday, so to speak. SpaceClaim offered them value, speed, and quality work.

    Watch this case study video to learn more ...

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