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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

  • SpaceClaim partners with reverseengineering.com

    SpaceClaim is pleased to announce a partnership with reverseengineering.com. Their Highres Integrated Point Processing (HIPP) software streams live data sets from various scanning devices directly into SpaceClaim. For more information please visit reverseengineer.com, and see their press release

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  • Forward Thinking in Reverse Engineering

    What is reverse engineering and why do I need it?

    Reverse engineering has been an industry buzzword for some time and it has come to mean several things. The traditional picture it conjures is of several engineers gathered around a physical part, taking various physical measurements in an attempt to fully understand its shape and form. Their end goal is to re-create the part through any one of several manufacturing methods, where the manufactured part is nearly identical to the original.
    Hands making a measurement with calipers

    While that picture is not far off from the topic today, the world of reverse engineering has grown more ...

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