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Showing our Cloud-Enabled Live 3D Collaboration Product for the First Time

As Justin said in the last post, SpaceClaim is already great for collaboration. It is hands down the best way for just about anyone to open nearly any CAD file, make changes, and share the results with anyone else. SpaceClaim was born as a huge advance in collaboration, but even now customers repeatedly ask us for “collaboration tools” more than anything else.

Delivering a solution from the cloud does not necessarily transform that solution into a strong collaboration tool. Despite all the PDM tools available, users can’t effectively communicate through notes left behind for others to interpret. This leads to constant remodeling of ideas as each participant guesses at the needs and wants of the others. While very useful for its purpose, PDM has a fatal flaw when it comes to collaboration – users aren’t working together. They are working at each other. Our customers aren’t asking for a better PDM system. They want something completely different.

Today, for the first time, we’re showing everyone our live 3D collaboration product, codenamed “Connect.” In the video you’ll see how Connect extends the model creation and editing power of SpaceClaim by allowing more than one user to join and contribute to a shared modeling session. All your colleagues need is a current WebGL-enabled browser running on an Internet-connected device. It’s fast, interactive, and simultaneous, just as we promised in earlier posts.

Our beta is still underway. We welcome more participants if you would like to try it for yourself right now. The new product will be widely available to customers in early 2014.

If you find it frustrating to repeatedly remodel ideas because you can’t work with colleagues in real time, or are tired of ineffective design reviews, this is a tool that will change your collaboration experience. 

This is the future of live 3D collaboration.

Frank DeSimone is SpaceClaim's VP of Software Development

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