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Marking the expansion of 3D modeling software to all engineers

ANSYS acquires SpaceClaim

Since the inception of SpaceClaim, our focus has been on providing engineers with powerful tools that make their jobs easier. We developed the first truly intuitive 3D modeling solution that puts the power of geometry creation and manipulation into the hands of any engineer who needs it. Since then, we’ve continued to expand our capabilities into new areas such as sheet metal and 3D printing. Every step of the way, we have committed ourselves to listening to our customers and delivering innovative, high quality products. 

Earlier today, it was announced that SpaceClaim Corporation has been acquired by ANSYS.  ANSYS is the world’s leading provider of engineering simulation software and has been helping engineers and manufacturers predict the behavior and performance of their innovations for over 40 years

As one of the founders of SpaceClaim, I believe that not only is this acquisition a continuation of SpaceClaim’s customer-focused strategy of providing intuitive and powerful tools to engineers, but also ANSYS’s resources helps us realize that strategy faster and more efficiently than ever before. We will be able to get SpaceClaim Engineer into more hands. We will also have more resources to continue to innovate and create fantastic products for our customers, partners, and prospects.

What this means for SpaceClaim’s products:
We will continue to develop enhancements our customers have requested and continue to innovate to bring quality products and solutions to the market. Going forward, we will continue to develop, support and innovate for SpaceClaim Engineer and its modules. In fact, with ANSYS’s resources behind us, we will be better positioned to deliver industry changing products faster than we have been before.

In addition, SpaceClaim has always pursued a CAD-neutral approach.  ANSYS too has always been an open platform and will remain so even as it enables its customers to edit and modify geometries using SpaceClaim Engineer, regardless of the system in which they were created.

What this means for SpaceClaim’s reach into markets other than simulation:
One of the main reasons for ANSYS’s interest in us is SpaceClaim’s ability to extend their reach into new markets. If we develop solutions for your market today, we will continue to do so in the future.

We are excited about this new phase in SpaceClaim’s growth.  We appreciate the support of our customers and partners and look forward to continuing to work with the SpaceClaim ecosystem as we joins forces with ANSYS to take our products and technology to the next level.

If you are interested in learning more about this acquisition, please read ANSYS’s press release.

Danny Dean

Senior Vice President, Research & Development

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