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Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 - New Features


Download Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0

Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0 marks a major step forward in terms of post-processing.  The plot tool now features the ability to plot any output data as a function of any other.  This facilitates advanced phase diagram, mechanical advantage and frequency domain studies, and more.

Additionally, we have added functionality that helps you analyse and compare data from multiple simulations and design iterations.  This is a valuable asset that makes it possible to evolve mechanical designs more intelligently and efficiently, and simplifies sensitivity and reliability analysis.

Here is a brief explanation on how to use the new plot tool:

1. Click on the Plot button to open the plot configuration tool.

2. Specify which data you'd like to look at in the X and Y-axis as well of what area is of interest: time, joints, or rigid bodies.

3. Once applied, data from simulations that have already been executed will be presented automatically. If no simulation data is available, the plot will appear as the simulation is run.

4. If properties of your model are modified and rerun, new data will be recorded for comparison with previous data sets.

The following two videos illustrate these plotting capabilities more elaborately:

Analyzing transient structural dynamics of electric motor

Preview of Dynamics for SpaceClaim 1.5.0

Release notes

  • New plotting functionality with completely new interface.
    • Allows for comparison between different simulation configurations.
    • Plot configuration is now stored in .scdoc for later access.
    • Time or any other data can be used on x-axis.
    • Plot window is dockable like any other window in SpaceClaim.
  • Sequence editor is now dockable.
  • Fixed bug where new initial state resets joint orientation.
  • Many stability and performance improvements


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