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10x Faster Modeling with ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016

We are really excited about this next release of SpaceClaim and we suspect you'll be, too.

With the release of ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016, we leave the competition in the dust with 10x faster 3-D modeling software than any other product on the market today. As ANSYS SpaceClaim customers, you will speed up your time to market with 10x performance improvements, more tools for faster geometry creation and editing, and expanded file import and editing capabilities. See how ANSYS SpaceClaim empowers you to realize efficiency gains across your entire product workflow with enhancements in:
  • 10x Performance Improvements such as a 60% reduction in start up time; 10-50x speed up time for large model save and load times; Graphical support for DirectX11 and OpenGL; and new language support
  • Enhancements in:
    • Design- We have a lot of great new features for designers like locking dimensions and scripting. We also now have live-linking with Keyshot which allows you to easily update edits to a model in Keyshot with redesigning your scene
    • Reverse engineering complicated geometry with our new Skin Surfacing tool. This tool allows users to edit patch boundaries, connect neighboring patches, and more
    • Simulation users will noticed a ton of upgrades for beams such a expanding the Power Selection Tool capability to beams, adding a library of standard beam x-sections, and support for beam/fact/edge intersections. We also improved our repair tools to include surface split edges and surface short edges 
    • 3-D Printing like our new Shrinkwrap tool which makes it easier and faster to repair STLs and create watertight faceted files from complicated faceted and solid models
    • Manufacturing - We improved a number of our manufacturing capabilities like curve tables, protrusion handling, as well as developed new sheet metal tools for flanges, watertight corners, and unfold complex forms
  • Expansion of Import/Edit capabilities for eCAD, Sketchup 2015; Solidworks 2015; CERO 3.0; ST 7; and CATIA v6
  • And much, much, more!

Check out this video highlighting some of the great new features and functionality in the 2016 release. 

If you are interested in learning more about ANSYS SpaceClaim 2016, please visit our What's New page or download our 2016 Fact Sheet.


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