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  • SCExplode: SpaceClaim Addin to Explode Assemblies

    AR-CAD LLC has launched SCExplode Addin. SCExplode lets SpaceClaim users to explode assemblies in any specified manner to create various configurations. The explosion can be animated between any two configurations in forward and backward directions. Therefore, users can understand the assembly process...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 04-08-2015
  • How to control the layout of a UserControl in an OptionsPage?

    When creating a Forms.UserControl as a control of a SpaceClaim.OptionsPage with Dock=DockStyles.Fill flag, it does not fill the client area of the option dialogue. In fact it is not displayed at all. Setting AnchorStyles also leads to strange results and neither resize nor layout events are raised for...
    Posted to API (Forum) by Spacy on 09-23-2014
  • Enhancement Suggestion : Get an event whenever the Geomtery Visibility changes

    Hello, I suggest an extension to SpaceClaim API to make us get an event when a model geometry visibility changes. I think that it is a useful enhancement. Thank you and Best Regards.
    Posted to API (Forum) by DevEM on 09-12-2014
  • Add a ribbon tab context group

    Hi evry body, Please can anyone help me in adding a ribbon tab context group inside Spaceclaim, i'm trying to modify the xml file "Ribbon.xml" like this : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <customUI xmlns="">...
    Posted to API (Forum) by EMWAbd on 11-04-2013
  • Create Group Header in MiniToolbar like in Color Menu Button for Sheet Metal Select Tool

    Hello everybody, Please I need an urgent answer for a simple thing it appears. The problem is how to create group headers like in change color Menu button in the select tool for Sheet Metal (Color Override, Target, ...), because in the layoutXml MiniToolBar element does not support a group inside...
    Posted to API (Forum) by DevEM on 11-01-2013
  • How to start SpaceClaim without GUI

    Hi, I want to start SpaceClaim as background processing program.I used the following lines to start the SpaceClaim. StartupOptions option = new StartupOptions(1000); option.ShowApplication = false; option.ShowSplashScreen = false; session = Session.Start(option); It always returns exceptions. I guess...
    Posted to API (Forum) by happymonkey on 09-09-2013
  • Dock Panel at right

    Hello, Is their a possibility when creating panel to dock it at right. Thanks.
    Posted to API (Forum) by DevEM on 07-16-2013
  • Return to default selection Tool

    Hi, My question is ; how to return to the default tool of SpaceClaim after I had override the abstract class Tool to define my custom selection system. I had set the active window tool to myCustomTool with (Window.ActiveWindow.SetTool(myCustomTool)), but I can't return to the default one although...
    Posted to API (Forum) by DevEM on 01-09-2013
  • Functionality to get NURBS data from Surface.

    Hi. I am looking for a way to get Nurbs data from Surface. At this moment i have found only AsSpline methods for NurbsSurface and ProceduralSurface classes. Also i saw that Curve class has this method too. Is it posiible to get NURBS data from Surface or this functionality doesn't exist in API v10...
    Posted to API (Forum) by Walker on 11-09-2012
  • Re: SC-Motion : Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim : free beta

    We have been busy with the further development of SC-Motion. We are pleased to inform that we have released beta version 0.5. We have added capabilities related to Dynamic Simulation (Multibody Dynamics). Tutorial on Dynamic Simulation in SpaceClaim using SC-Motion using a Backhoe assembly
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 11-20-2011
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