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  • Detect and fix clearances in assembly

    I have an assembly of parts that boasts potentially thousands of gaps and overlaps. The clearance tool detects the gaps but why does it also detect overlaps (that should be picked up by the interference tool instead)? None of the detected problems can be fixed by clicking on them and no methods are displayed...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by mark on 09-26-2012
  • SC-Motion is Ready for SpaceClaim 2012

    SC-Motion is a motion and dynamic simulation addin for SpaceClaim. It has been released for SpaceClaim 2012 version. It can downloaded from for a 30 day free trial. More detials at
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 04-11-2012
  • How to move objects in assembly...

    Freeform. I have two objects in an assembly with complex shapes. None of the standard alignments work. How can I drag them around independently so I can use the ruler to place them? Thanks
    Posted to Other (Forum) by markjwyatt on 09-30-2011
  • Exploded view

    I'd like to show an exploded view of an assembly next to an assembled view on the same sheet. Is this possible? So far I used the move command but that modifies all the views on my sheet.
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by OzzieMozzie on 06-23-2010
  • Re: Assembly features

    Ozzie, I think you are looking for an assembly cut. Take a look at this short video: Usually, you don't even need to hit the Cut button in the Pull options, but you can always do so to specify the action. Also, make sure the top-level component is active when making...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by JamesSaunders on 06-22-2010
  • Assembly features

    I'm trying to put a hole through 2 components that make up an assembly. Could someone please help? I think I have to select both components at the same time and then drag the circle down through but when I drag it moves the hole to the other component. thank you in anticipation
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by OzzieMozzie on 06-21-2010
  • Re: Four Bar Mechanism in SpaceClaim

    Hello Rajeev, I think the Tijs is probably correct; you must have the "Enable assembly mechanisms" option enabled to get your four bar linkage to work correctly. To answer Tijs' question about why this is an option, this was intended to accomodate for legacy assemblies. Models created in...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by JamesSaunders on 04-27-2010
  • Keep drawings attached to internal components when copying to a different file

    A problem I run into frequently when I'm developing concepts, is that I want to copy a component (with a drawing) from one file to the other, but that it only copies the component, and not the drawing that I already made of it. Here at our office we have some rules concerning modelling in Spaceclaim...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Tijs on 02-08-2010
  • Model Selection Improvement

    The functionality I'm missing is selecting the assemblies without the use of tree window, should be possible to step up in hierarchy based on the part or solid selected, where the selection box adopt accordingly to show what is selected. Could be like this ->> select component and then with...
    Posted to General (Forum) by edge on 10-21-2009
  • Re: Assigning Materials

    Hello Martin, I'd like to first present you with a couple techniques to help in this situation, then I'll address your enhancement request. First off, you can select any number of components and/or bodies in the Structure tree and apply material properties to the entire selection at once. Selection...
    Posted to General (Forum) by JamesSaunders on 08-05-2009
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