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  • user specific hotkey

    let users set hotkey on icons or commands. the hotkeys can be combined with ALT+CTRL+SHIFT as well. hotkeys can be saved as file and the saved hotkeys can be switched by another hotkey or command.
    Posted to General (Forum) by ultimategore on 03-25-2014
  • Zone propagation after geometry operations

    Hi Design Modeler has a property for Named Selections called propagation property whereby you can have a NS correctly updated after a geometric operation on a body (split, merge, copy etc) upon which the NS relies. A similar function needs adding to SCDM to control changes to Groups. We have seen some...
    Posted to ANSYS users (Forum) by mark on 08-06-2013
  • Change child body colours after successful body split

    If I perform a body split which succeeds, the child bodies have the same colour as the parent that was split. It is not clear if the split has been successful or not. In fact them having the same colour can imply it was not successful even though it was. If it was successful, please change colours of...
    Posted to General (Forum) by mark on 08-06-2013
  • Tutorials on Assembly Modeling of Gears

    When we import Gears that are created in other software inside SpaceClaim, the components are positioned properly, but we have to define different Assembly Conditions between the components, including the Gear Condition. For defining a gear condition, we have to choose the pitch cylinders/cones/planes...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by lochan94 on 07-10-2012
  • Re: multi-processing

    Its a problem ofcompatibility between your processor and RAM. So change out it first! Having Spaceclaim products of 2012 on core 2 duro with 16 GB and its working superb.
    Posted to Hardware (Forum) by AnollCalt on 05-03-2012
  • Re: SC-Motion : Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim : free beta

    We have been busy with the further development of SC-Motion. We are pleased to inform that we have released beta version 0.5. We have added capabilities related to Dynamic Simulation (Multibody Dynamics). Tutorial on Dynamic Simulation in SpaceClaim using SC-Motion using a Backhoe assembly
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 11-20-2011
  • Re: SC-Motion : Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim : free beta

    As an update, Mannequin model has been slightly modified and motion was defined to its arm (6 dof each, 12 in total). Please watch the video at More to follow...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 10-02-2011
  • SC-Motion : Motion and Dynamic Simulation Addin for SpaceClaim : free beta

    We have launched the beta version of SC-Motion, a motion and dynamic simulation addin for SpaceClaim. Using it, one can perform kinematic and dynamic simulation of SpaceClaim assemblies, without even going out of SpaceClaim. More details at We are offering our...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by lochan94 on 09-26-2011
  • Spaceclaim Enhancements/Problems

    Quick question/observation/request for improvement 1) When using ASCDM for CFD, when one changes a parametric dimension (group), often SC recombines solids that have already been split with a plane for example. Investigation of the solids shows this re-combining to be unnecessary since the split-points...
    Posted to ANSYS users (Forum) by withheld on 08-25-2011
  • 123d by autodesk

    after playing around with the freely available autodesk 123d software I wonder, if those guys licensed (or worse) the spaceclaim engine? Is that so? I must say that I'm deeply impressed - to say the least. I consider this to be a technology their project photofly... You would tell...
    Posted to General (Forum) by define on 07-21-2011
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