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OEM Partners

SpaceClaim has formed strategic OEM partnerships with the following companies to enhance the company’s 3D Direct Modeling software. These OEM partners bundle SpaceClaim with their software in order to offer a comprehensive solution to the market. SpaceClaim also has Solution Partners, who add value to SpaceClaim Engineer with specific applications, and Technology Partners, who add value to SpaceClaim by embedding their software into SpaceClaim Engineer or who ensure their hardware is certified by SpaceClaim. Go to our Partner Page for more information on the SpaceClaim Partners Program.

 anys logo

ANSYS designs, develops, markets, and globally supports engineering simulation solutions that are used to predict how product designs will behave in manufacturing and real-world environments. ANSYS markets, sells, and supports a version of SpaceClaim Engineer called ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler to its customers to simplify geometry for faster pre-processing and to optimize the design based on analysis results. Read more about the product integration of ANSYS Workbench and SpaceClaim Engineer.

catalCAD logo

CatalCAD, founded in 1986 as a sheet metal spin-off from Schneider Electric, has remained leaders in sheet metal manufacturing for over 25 years. catalCAD's products for sheet-metal design have been adopted by thousands of users worldwide, including prestigious companies such as Mitsubishi, Schmidlin-TSK, and Nestle. CatalCAD has helped SpaceClaim enhance their sheet metal capabilities and used SpaceClaim to develop SMOPlus, a set of advanced sheet metal tools that allow any kind of complex model to be unfolded. Read more about catalCAD and SpaceClaim.

C&R Technologies

C&R Technologies® provides comprehensive software for heat transfer analysis and fluid flow design, from two-phase thermohydraulics to fast thermal radiation solutions. CAD-based Thermal Desktop®, with its expansion packs FloCAD® and RadCAD®, provides fluid flow analysis combined with finite difference and/or finite element thermal analysis. Thermal Workshop™ provides direct CAD mark-ups and advanced meshing for one-button updating. SpaceClaim enables Thermal Desktop and Thermal Workshop users to import CAD parts and assemblies from virtually any CAD format, simplify and heal the geometry, then send it to either Thermal Desktop or Thermal Workshop for meshing. Read more about Thermal Desktop and SpaceClaim.

Flow logo

Flow International Corporation provides technologically advanced, environmental sound solutions to the manufacturing and industrial cleaning markets. Flow is the pacesetter in the development and manufacture of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet technology, and a leading provider of robotics equipment. Flow embeds SpaceClaim Engineer as the best way for its customers to import, modify and create geometry models that drive its waterjet machines. Read more about the OEM partnership between Flow International and SpaceClaim.

Ignite logo

Ignite builds its leading-edge jewelry design suite, Firestorm 3D CAD, on the SpaceClaim platform. With its easy interface and fast editing tools, Firestorm 3D CAD enables jewelry designers to use direct modeling to create attractive, durable, and production-ready designs. In addition, rendering is so quick designers can make changes quickly to show clients how a stone or metal color changes in real-time. For more information about Ignite, please visit www.ignitetech.us.

ITP logo

ITP provides heat transfer analysis and thermal analysis solutions for the European aerospace industry. ITP chose SpaceClaim for cleaning, preparing, and importing CAD geometry in the ESATAN-TMS product family. CAD data is generally too detailed or complex for thermal simulation and therefore creates bottlenecks in the process. ITP enhances and customizes SpaceClaim and provides it to ESATAN-TMS customers as “CADBench.” Read more about the relationship between ITP and SpaceClaim.

 SpaceClaim Marine logo

SpaceClaim Marine integrates SpaceClaim with surface design and nesting technology to create a turnkey solution for conceptual ship design, detailed design, and production. In particular, SpaceClaim Marine enables ship designers to optimize flat patterns and nesting during the conceptual phase to remove major cost centers before committing to detailed design, and includes special tools to work design both standard developable sheet metal parts as well as those with positive and negative curvature, created detailed designs from the concepts, and prepare the designs for fabrication and assembly. For more information, send an email to Marinus Meijers at marinus@multisurf.com.