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Solution Partners

SpaceClaim has formed strategic solution partnerships with the following companies to enhance the company’s 3D Direct Modeling software. These solution partners have bundled SpaceClaim Engineer with their software in order to to offer a specific solution to the market. SpaceClaim also supports OEM Partners, who add value to SpaceClaim Engineer with specific applications, and Technology Partners, who add value to SpaceClaim by embedding their software into SpaceClaim engineer or partners who ensure their hardware is certified by SpaceClaim. Go to our Partner Page for more information on the SpaceClaim Partners Program.

 Aptia Solutions logo

Aptia Solutions is a software development company specializing in innovative applications built around its powerful automatic nesting technology. The SpaceClaim Nesting Plugin adds Aptia’s advanced nesting capabilities on a new Nesting tab directly within the SpaceClaim environment to allow designers to automatically and efficiently arrange their components on specified sheet sizes. The SpaceClaim Nesting Plugin is used to inform design decisions and to get parts from design to manufacture much faster. Read more about the SpaceClaim Nesting Plugin.

 AR-CAD logo

AR-CAD LLC develops and customizes 3D CAD software with Motion Simulation capabilities. It has a robust multi-body dynamics solver that has been integrated into various CAD systems. SC-Motion lets SpaceClaim users perform kinematic and dynamic simulations of assemblies without leaving SpaceClaim environment. Constraints are reused automatically. Animations show realistic behaviors. Plots and tables show linear and angular displacements, velocities, accelerations, forces, and torques from joints, constraints, actuators, springs, dampers, applied forces and parts.

Comet Solutions

Comet is a collaborative, model-based engineering environment that captures your current simulation best practices and enhances the use of existing design and engineering software tools (both COTS and in-house). Comet Intelligent Templates enable geometry-independent, multi-physics modeling and simulation process automation for standard as well as complex design analysis activities. Comet enables individual engineers as well as cross-functional product engineering teams to rapidly develop more innovative and reliable products-starting from early concept design exploration through detailed design validation. Read the press release announcing this new SpaceClaim-based solution.


COMSOL Multiphysics is a software environment for the modeling and simulation of any physics-based system. A particular strength is its ability to account for multiphysics phenomena.  Livelink for SpaceClaim, provided by COMSOL, brings you the fusion of SpaceClaim 3D Direct Modeling with COMSOL multiphysics simulation in a tightly integrated environment, enabling optimal designs and collaboration across CAD and CAE teams.


 DBClaim PDM is a fully integrated PDM/PLM (Product Data Management/Product Lifecycle Management) document management facility for SpaceClaim files. DBClaim makes it easy to manage SpaceClaim files by coding product data automatically, manage custom properties and external components, search and filter files directly from within SpaceClaim, configure and export BOMs, insert full assembly structures in the archive automatically, ability to preview SpaceClaim, Word, Excel, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks files, as well as customize and manage your workflow. For more information, go to the DBClaim website.

Enmesh logo

Enmesh develops the easy to use high performance finite element simulation tool GoSimulate for interactive design and optimization in product development. Groundbreaking adaptive meshing technology allows robust analysis of complex 3D models within minutes, enabling analysis through the entire design process. The intuitive interface makes the software easy to learn and use and minimizes the need for CAE knowledge. GoSimulate is the ideal partner for conceptual design and combined with SpaceClaim the results are truly astonishing.


ESTECO is a strategic supplier of integration, optimization and post-processing technology to engineers and researchers in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, petrochemical and life science industries, offering a world-class product in modeFRONTIER, one of the most widely used process integration and design optimization (PIDO) tools available. modeFRONTIER offers an easy -to-use interface to create workflow of integrated processes, as well as state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms to perform any type of product- or process-optimization. Add to these the ability to perform robust design and 6-sigma analyses, as well as sophisticated statistical, data-mining, and data-visualization tools, and the result is a powerful product design platform that helps designers produce better products in significantly less time than has been previously possible.

Geomagic logo

Geomagic is the leading provider of 3D software for creating and inspecting digital models of physical objects. Geomagic directly integrates with SpaceClaim, allowing Geomagic users the option to transfer models produced from scan data directly into SpaceClaim Engineer, resulting in the most compelling reverse engineering solution on the market today. Read more about the direct integration of Geomagic and SpaceClaim. Check out this video to watch the integration in action!

KeyShot logo

Luxion, creators of KeyShot, specializes in technology advancing state-of-the-art in computer-based lighting simulations. Luxion has expert knowledge in areas related to daylighting (atmopheric scattering), light scattering by materials (BRDF and BSSRDF models), light transport algorithms such as photon mapping, and real-time rendering technology. The company offer consulting and develops proprietary applications and libraries for customers in need for software capable of precisely calculating the scattering of light in complex 3D environments. SpaceClaim is pleased to offer KeyShot as an add-on renderer for SpaceClaim. Read more about Luxion KeyShot and SpaceClaim.

Keytech is one of the leading providers of Product Lifecycle Management systems. A successful introduction of product lifecycle management technology is based on the implementation methodology used, your partners' experience and an industry-proven solution. We are an international company, with customers worldwide, and more than 25 years of experience in developing and implementing product data management and product lifecycle management systems. We know how to link engineering and enterprise processes and have over 800 successful implementations.

MecSoft Logo

MecSoft develops affordable CAD/CAM software solutions for the global manufacturing marketplace. Offering an array of products for free-form and parametric modeling, as well as 2-5 axis milling and turning, SpaceClaim users enjoy a range of seamless solutions to quickly generate toolpaths, either through the single click export of their part file geometry directly to VisualMILL®, or through the round trip integration of the 3D model with Rhino, and subsequently, RhinoCAM® - MecSoft’s affordable integrated CAM software for Rhino. Read more about the SpaceClaim Engineer export add-in available from MecSoft.


Noesis Solutions - a Cybernet Systems company - is an engineering innovation partner to manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and other advanced engineering industries. The company's flagship product is the Optimus process integration and design optimization software that resolves customers' multi-disciplinary product development challenges. Optimus identifies the best product design candidates by managing a parametric simulation campaign that automatically drives the software tools the customer already uses. After evaluating the proposed design candidates, the customer picks the most optimal and robust design option to verify in detail and take into production. This winning strategy delivers the best product in the shortest time possible without struggling with deadlines and budgets.

rhino logo

McNeel & Associates provides Rhinoceros, a free-form 3D modeling tool. SpaceClaim exchanges 3D data with Rhino, so product stylists can include 3D mechanical design elements in their designs and deliverables. The solution allows Rhino files to be opened directly in SpaceClaim, modified and returned to Rhino in native format.

Read more about Rhino and SpaceClaim

 SigmaNest Logo

SigmaTEK Systems LLC, the leading CAD/CAM nesting system for plasma, laser, punch, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, knife, tube-pipe and combination cutting machines, has directly integrated its nesting solution with SpaceClaim Engineer. This integration, which is embedded in SigmaNEST, ensures that SpaceClaim manufacturing customers have seamless transition from 3D CAD to NC programming for virtually all cutting machines. Read more about SpaceClaim’s partnership with SigmaTEK.

SofTech logo 

SofTech, Inc. has been providing  product lifecycle management (PLM) and computer aided design (CAD) software solutions since 1969. SofTech's PLM and CAD solutions provide companies with tools to improve efficiency and help drive product design and development productivity. SofTech is focused on helping build its customers’ success through exceptional software products and an extremely experienced professional services team. To learn more visit: CADRA for SpaceClaim Engineer Integrator or read the original press release about this integration. 


 YaPdm is a PDM system for direct modeling and simulation developed by Maxiom PLM AB. The system has the same look-and-feel as SpaceClaim and it was designed to support the SpaceClaim methodology. Maxiom has deep experience with developing and implementing PDM-PLM solutions. The ambition of YaPdm is to be a complete PDM solution that is easy to deploy, learn, and manage. Maxiom also develops integrations for other applications, such as Microsoft Office. Read the YaPdm SpaceClaim data sheet.

What a video to see how easy it is to integrate SpaceClaim into a PDM and PLM system.

xPLM Solution develops integration solutions between industry-leading CAD, PLM, and ERP systems and provides deployment services to the PLM industry. xPLM Solution GmbH provides the SpaceClaim PLM integration solution, a comprehensive integration platform that provides a bi-directional link between SpaceClaim and leading PLM systems.