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Témoignages de clients et partenaires sur SpaceClaim

Voici des commentaires de clients et partenaires sur la rapidité, la simplicité d'utilisation et la liberté de conception du logiciel de modélisation directe 3D SpaceClaim.


"SpaceClaim has reduced our time significantly on model simulation prep - SpaceClaim has literally beat out the expensive CAD systems for what we need to accomplish. 4C-Technologies every year invests in many different types of high level software to ensure we continue to leverage the latest innovations. SpaceClaim has proven to be the best investment we have made for many years without question. We recommend it to our partners and suppliers."

Lars Hansen, CEO and Founder

"Using SpaceClaim is so easy and intuitive that we have been able to quickly acquire it and apply it to many different research areas. As a result, we are now providing support not only for analysis preparation but also as part of the strategic research we perform in partnership with small- and medium-sized enterprises. SpaceClaim has extended our reach as well as enables us to research and develop new technologies and new products."

Hiroki Kuroiwa, Product Systems Researcher
Gunma Industrial Technology Center

"I've gained back at least 50 percent of my time with SpaceClaim and am now able to focus on analysis and delivering the optimal design changes to new concepts or existing machinery. Pre-processing is no longer the limiting factor. I can access in-house and outside computing resources and have as many as eight simulations running at the same time!"

Pierre Ngankeu, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Emhart Glass Research Center

 "SpaceClaim was the right solution for this project as it included a lot of conceptual work, so I would not have been able to use a history-based system. The flexibility of direct modeling was a significant advantage as I designed the Volkswagen Electric Bike with SpaceClaim. All the engineering was done in SpaceClaim. Most of the surface work was done elsewhere, and then everything was joined and modified in SpaceClaim and passed on to CAM and to production."  Watch a Discovery Channel clip showcasing the development of this electric bike in SpaceClaim.

Martin Koppolow, Industrial Designer and Researcher
Volke Kommunications Design GmbH

"SpaceClaim lets me bring designs to fruition four to five times faster than previous methods."

"Our work is not to draw plans for machining; we are here to imagine and conceive new systems. SpaceClaim lets me do that efficiently and effectively."

Paul Gateau, Founder

"Often, I am working with a plastics geometry that needs to fill a mold correctly. With SpaceClaim, I can now move the geometry into MoldFlow easily, find the mold filling issues, and, within minutes, correct the geometry in SpaceClaim."

Steven Taraglia, Founder
Southern Star Engineering Group

"We used to win bids approximately 50% of the time. With SpaceClaim, we're able to bid much smarter and more accurately. It's changed our win rate to 80% and customers feel much more comfortable that what they see is what they will get."

Domenic Trapassi, Senior Systems Architect
SIE Computing Solutions

“We’ve been using SpaceClaim for about 17 months and have more than recouped our investment in time saved, error reduction, and faster time-to-market. SpaceClaim is extremely easy to learn. Even our interns, without training, can be productive in just two weeks. You just can’t beat that.”


Michael Lieblich, FAA Designated Engineering Representative

"With SpaceClaim, we no longer get hung up in preparing models for analysis. In fact, SpaceClaim is already saving us anywhere from 25 to 50 percent in valuable time."


Shane McGoldrick, Advanced Mechanical Engineer and Analyst
McCormick Stevenson

"The argument for streamlining by enforcing a single CAD platform is a thing of the past. The goal is to streamline the workflow while introducing the best tools for every job. Although a mix of tools comes at higher support costs, reducing wasted time in engineering and getting products to market faster is what gives us our competitive edge. We have achieved this goal by empowering our engineers with SpaceClaim.”

Hiroshi Mizuide, Branch Manager
Hioki E.E. Corporation

"The Repair tab can find all of a model’s little sins and is absolutely amazing. SpaceClaim is worth the price of admission just for that.”

“Bottom Line: Having SpaceClaim in your toolbox pretty much is a force multiplier.”


Dan Falvey, CEO and Founder

"Taking original components from SolidWorks, importing them into SpaceClaim, stripping them of all the details they don't need, and then showing them in SketchUp - it's that kind of speed of modeling that is absolutely brilliant in SpaceClaim."


Matthew Cafferkey, Founder
Seven Five Five Design

"SpaceClaim has reduced our time consumption on CAD-related tasks significantly and focus has been moved from heavy-drawing, technical problems toward developing an optimal product. SpaceClaim is highly recommended."

Lars Feldager Hansen, CEO M.Sc. Tech
4C Technologies


"SpaceClaim is excellent and outstanding in importing files from different CAD systems, which helps us in the daily work where we receive models from many different accounts. SpaceClaim is, furthermore, very intuitive and easy to use. We work much more quickly with SpaceClaim than our previous solution. SpaceClaim has quite a lot of features that help us in preparing models much faster than before for finite element analysis."

Torben Faurholdt, MSc, Ph.D.
Faurcon ApS

"Before I started using SpaceClaim, I had to depend on other people to be sure I got my job done, now I can do it all myself." 

Mads Jakob Jensen
Development Engineer

"Aalborg University is pleased with the agreement with CADSYS [Danish SpaceClaim reseller] to supply us with SpaceClaim, which is a great complement to our other CAE tools. SpaceClaim distinguish itself by being a powerful tool for conceptual design as the leading 3D Direct Modeling tool available today; and it is a tremendous preprocessor for numerical analysis. The program's tight integration with ANSYS Workbench is an advantage as well as the ability import native 3D CAD formats. SpaceClaim will be widely used in student projects and other collaborative projects with businesses."

Erik Lund, Professor, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Aalborg University

"Often, I don't meet my customers in person. Virtually, I can show the designs to my customers in SpaceClaim, and achieve all the results desired. I'm able to fly through the design and make edits real time - to the delight and satisfaction of my customers. In fact, they get to enamored with the process that they often ask, 'What is the tool you are using for design? It's very fast.'"

Dan White
Co-Founder, Keuka Studios

"SpaceClaim lets us focus on what we're best at - industrial design - and we let our manufacturer partners take care of the rest."

Gerwin Hoogendoorn
Co-Founder, SENZ Umbrellas 

"Before we used SpaceClaim, we had to go to the CAD team every time we needed a change. Now with SpaceClaim, the process is speeded up significantly because we're able to make and test the changes ourselves."

Sue Stroope
NVH and CAE Manager
BorgWarner, TorqTransfer Systems Business Unit

"We selected SpaceClaim to bring a 3D modeling system into the company, the software needed to satisfy the following criteria:

1. Allow easy generation of design and assembly concepts.
2. Be easy to use; a product with a steep learning curve would be unacceptable.
3. The tool needed to be relatively low cost, without ongoing high maintenance costs.
4. We needed to be able to view and edit data from a number of CAD systems, some of our design work is collaborative with partners who use differing systems.

To date we have been very pleased with the software. It has particularly impressed with its ease of use; parts and assemblies can be very quickly modelled with far fewer mouse clicks when compared to other tools we evaluated. Technical support has been very good, from both the UK and US offices. We have also seen continual development of the tool with genuinely useful features added."

K2 Medical Systems

"SpaceClaim and Rhino provide powerful design and editing tools that have reduced significantly the time it takes to get an idea from the screen to the shop floor. They saved us a full day on our last project.  The ease with which a file can be transferred between the two products makes it painless to start a model in one package then take advantage of the other's strong points. You can manipulate the model freely without worrying about editing sketches and pass it back and forth, using the product that gets the job done most efficiently. The combination of SpaceClaim and Rhino gives us a competitive advantage at a very reasonable price."

Dan Bayn
A.V. Gauge & Fixture, Inc.

"With SpaceClaim I edit the model directly, as I choose, experimenting freely and getting better designs much more rapidly than ever before. SpaceClaim is the way I'll be designing the majority of my parts in the future."

Geoff Wheeler
Managing Director, Oak Designs

"SpaceClaim is by far the most intuitive [3D design software] I have ever used - so much so that I have never bothered with any of the tutorials. I was modeling and modifying existing 3rd-Party designs within a couple of hours."

Tim Markoski
CNC Machinist Software

"SpaceClaim is a refreshing departure from parametric-type CAD systems. If you need to easily change geometry coming from many different CAD systems, this is the tool."

Dan White
President, Keuka Studios

"As a satisfied ALGOR user since 1988, we realize the vital need for a 3-D design solution – this is where SpaceClaim first attracted our attention. SpaceClaim's ability to import virtually any solid model geometry and create a neutral file format for input to ALGOR is where we are focusing our attention."

Ted Fryberger, P.E.
DeepSoft, Inc.


"ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler is a critical tool for users to create, edit and simplify geometry models in a way that is best suited for simulation. Customers have adopted the technology at a rapid rate."

Jim Cashman
President and CEO, ANSYS, Inc.

"SpaceClaim has advanced 3D direct modeling significantly, providing engineers with tools that streamline processes and enable the creation of more innovative products. The integration of SpaceClaim and KeyShot take those capabilities to the next step with realistic rendering and 'marries' two of the best products on the market today."

Henrik Wann Jensen
Chief Scientist, Luxion ApS

“When SpaceClaim demonstrated the ability to open Rhino files, add and modify design elements that conform to the surfaces, and then return the model to Rhino, I was extremely impressed.”

Robert McNeel
CEO, McNeel & Associates

"SpaceClaim empowers engineers to quickly create from scratch or modify an existing geometry model.

SpaceClaim is also an ideal solution for combining and editing geometry models from a multitude of sources.

And because SpaceClaim is highly intuitive and inherently easy to use, analysts can create and revise geometries on their own. This represents a major breakthrough that will help move engineering analysis up-front in the product development cycle where it can have the most impact in terms of reducing schedules and overall product development costs."

Dipankar Choudhury
Vice President, Product Strategy and Planning, ANSYS, Inc.

 "SpaceClaim's solution fits precisely in the CAE workflow. It offers the analysis team more control and less requirement to go back to the CAD team for modification requests. SpaceClaim works with all native CAD files, which is important because ALGOR products work with all leading CAD vendors – giving our clients a cost-savings choice to have a 3-D design solution on their desktop… our analysis community can easily work with SpaceClaim – the learning curve is flat and the solution itself is intuitive and affordable."

Teresa Anania
Vice President of Operations, ALGOR

 “SpaceClaim is truly an innovative interactive solid digital modeler and we believe that our customers will significantly benefit from the enhanced productivity that SpaceClaim provides.”

Cristiano Sacchi, Ph.D.
CEO, Novedge