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Archived Tutorials

  CAE Model Preperation with SpaceClaim

[Monday, 22 September 2014]
Explore some of the core tools and workflows in preparing a model for analysis

  Concept Modeling with SpaceClaim

[Monday, 22 September 2014]
Get creative by exploring some tools and workflows to create concepts models very quickly

  Introduction to SpaceClaim Basics

[Monday, 22 September 2014]
Learn the basics of sketching in 2D; creating 3D with Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine; importing in an Assembly and creating a Drawing Sheet.

  STL Import and ReCreate

[Wednesday, 11 May 2011]
Learn how to use imported STL files to create new Concept Models


[Thursday, 12 August 2010]
Learn how to use assembly relationships to create mechanisms.

  Drawing Intro

[Wednesday, 03 March 2010]
A brief intro into some of the common tasks used in creating a drawing sheet.

  Annotation Dimensions

[Friday, 20 March 2009]
A quick look at using annotation dimensions to drive changes in a model.


[Thursday, 12 March 2009]
The different ways you can create slots from holes.

  2D Scale

[Thursday, 12 March 2009]
A look into how to scale geometry in both a sketch and a section environment.

  Power Selection

[Thursday, 12 March 2009]
A look at the new power selection and how it can help you query through the model.

  Face Curves s

[Thursday, 12 March 2009]
A quick look at how face curves are used to directly sketch on a solid.

  Assembly Tangent Surfaces

[Thursday, 15 May 2008]
A brief description of how to make the surfaces of two cylinders tangent.

  Groups Panel

[Friday, 01 February 2008]
What the groups panel is and how it can be used.


[Thursday, 31 January 2008]
A basic look at Fill and the different areas where it can be applied

  Intersect Group

[Thursday, 31 January 2008]
This tutorial goes over tools Split Body, Split Face, and Project to Solid which are located under the intersect group

  Structure Tree Options

[Wednesday, 30 January 2008]
What the different Right Mouse Button options in the structure tree are and why they are important.

  Display options

[Wednesday, 30 January 2008]
What the options under the display tab mean and how to use them.

  Analysis Group

[Wednesday, 30 January 2008]
An overview of the Analysis Group in the design ribbon and what each icon in it does.

  Inserting Images

[Wednesday, 30 January 2008]
How to insert an image and properly use all of the options associated with it.

  Pivot and Extrude Edge

[Tuesday, 22 January 2008]
Using pivot and extrude edge to quickly create geometry, ending in creation of a pyramid.

  Complex Blends

[Tuesday, 22 January 2008]
Creation of complex surfaces using blend guide lines.


[Wednesday, 16 January 2008]
An intro on Align, Center, and Orient and how they are used to assemble components.

  _Basic Tutorial

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
This tutorial covers the basics to help you get started.

  Pull Toolguides

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An in depth look at the Pull Toolguides.


[Friday, 11 January 2008]
The basics of creating a blend between surfaces or an edit as blend on a solid.

  _Wrench Tutorial

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A basic tutorial outlining concepts for Pull, Move, and Sketch. Excellent for first time users.


[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An overview of how Combine can be used to split, combine, and complete most boolean actions.

  Move Tool Guides

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An overview on how the Tool Guides can be used with the Move tool to allow more functionality.


[Friday, 11 January 2008]
How Powerselect works and the different geometric relationships it will find.

  Modeling in 3D

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A video on Conceptual Design using a minimal amount of sketching to make parts quickly.


[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A quick look at how Spaceclaim can be used to simplify parts.

  Creating a Midplane

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An advanced technique to create a midplane through a part.

  Conceptual Design

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A longer tutorial on turning a simple model into a streamlined part.

  Associations in Spaceclaim

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An overview on how Shell, Offset, and Mirror works in SpaceClaim.

  Pull Options

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A video going over options related to revolve, sweep, draft, and scale.

  2D to 3D modeling

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
Bringing in a 2D dwg and creating a 3D solid.