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SpaceClaim Tutorials: Model Prep for CAE & MFG 

  01 - Repair

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
This tutorial illustrates how to clean up corrupt 3d data

  02 - Simplify and Defeature part 1

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn to simplify and defeature a model by removing faces, holes, rounds etc with the Fill Tool.

  03 - Simplify and Defeature part 2

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
Learn how to simplify models for analysis or manufacturing

  04 - Round Removal

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
A quick look at how to remove stubborn rounds from 3D models for analysis or manufacturing

  05 - Splitting and Imprinting Faces

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn how to use the Split Face, Face Curve, and Imprint tools to split and imprint faces

  06 - Merge Faces, Small Faces

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn how to merge faces together, and how to find and remove small faces

  07 - Partitioning a Solid into Multiple Bodies

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn how to use the Split Body tool to cut a single solid body into multiple bodies for improved mesh control, design changes or manufacturing steps.

  08 - Driving Dimensions & Named Selections

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn how to create driving dimensions and named selections with Pull, Move, Ruler, Dimensions and Groups.

  09 - Automatic Midsurface & Shell Extraction

[Thursday, 16 April 2015]
Learn how to use the Midsurface Tool to extract midsufraces or shells from a part or assembly of constant thickness.

  10 - Manual Midsurface & Shell Extraction

[Friday, 17 April 2015]
Learn how to repair a model that has issues with midsurface extract so that it can be extracted.

  11 - Create Simplified Structural Solid

[Friday, 17 April 2015]
Learn how to create a new simplified version of a complex model that cannot be easily simplified directly

  12 - Internal CFD/Core Volume Extraction

[Friday, 17 April 2015]
Learn how to automatically extract an internal volume for use in a CFD analysis or sand casting core creation.

  13 - Automatic External Volume Enclosure

[Friday, 17 April 2015]
Learn to use the Enclose tool to create a solid body around existing solid(s), for use in CFD analysis or MFG Mold/Casting creation

  14 - Manual Fluid Body Creation

[Friday, 17 April 2015]
Learn a technique using standard modeling tools to create a fluid domain when the geometry does not allow for the Volume Extract or Enclosure tools to create a good volume.

  15 - Weld Surface Creation Tool

[Tuesday, 01 December 2015]
Learn how to use the Weld Tool to create new weld surfaces between midsurface and shell bodies that cannot be extended. Extending surfaces to intersect with each other is often the optimal way t...

  16 - Scripting (Beta)

[Tuesday, 01 December 2015]
Learn the basics of Scripting with SpaceClaim

  17 - Beam Extraction

[Monday, 03 October 2016]
Learn how to import a solid model and extract beam elements and profiles. Learn how to clean up connections, extend, trim and connect beams and split intersections.