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SpaceClaim Tutorials: Concept Modeling

  1 - Copy and Paste

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
A quick look on how copy and paste works with geometry

  2 - Associations

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
Mirror, Shell and Offset tools found in the create group

  3 - Annotation Dimensions

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
Learn how to use 3D annotation dimensions to drive geometry changes

  4 - Inserting Images and Videos

[Tuesday, 26 April 2011]
See how inserting images and videos onto a 3D model can bring a new level of realism.

  5-Modeling with Images

[Tuesday, 26 April 2011]
A quick tutorial on how to insert 2d images or pictures to use as reference during the design process.

  6-Modeling in 3D

[Tuesday, 22 February 2011]
A video on Conceptual Design using a minimal amount of sketching to make parts quickly.

  7 - Equations

[Thursday, 01 September 2016]
Learn how to create curves and surfaces from equations, that can then be used to also create solids.

  8 - Basic Draft

[Thursday, 16 March 2017]
Learn how to use the pull tool to apply draft to faces for mold release etc, and also learn how to use the draft tool to analyse a part for existing drafted faces