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Tips & Tricks Tutorials

  Measure a Tube or Swept Body

[Friday, 13 March 2015]
Learn how to extract and measure the length of the center-line of a tube or swept body with the Tweak Face tool

  Angular Driving Dimensions

[Wednesday, 05 August 2009]
A quick look at using Driving Dimensions to change the angle between walls.

  Layers on Large Components

[Thursday, 04 June 2009]
A look into using Layers to quickly organize a large imported assembly. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=Layers_for_assemblies.flv

  Small Faces to locate Slivers

[Wednesday, 08 April 2009]
Video showing you how to locate sliver faces with small faces, and fix them in the prepare tool. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=small_faces.flv

  Powerselect Depressions

[Wednesday, 08 April 2009]
Using Depressions in conjunction with other selection types to quickly fix models. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=Powerselect_depressions.flv

  Snap View

[Friday, 27 February 2009]
Using Snap View to quickly view and move around your model.http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=snap_view.flv

  Move Upto with Copy

[Thursday, 19 February 2009]
A brief look at how you can use ctrl with upto to copy geometry an exact distance. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=ctrl_upto.flv

  Bounding Box

[Thursday, 19 February 2009]
How to select complex depressions or areas using the Bounding Box toolguide in select. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=selecting_depressions.flv

  Temporary Objects

[Thursday, 19 February 2009]
How to use Temporary objects to assist in modeling. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=temp_objects.flv

  Copy and Paste

[Thursday, 19 February 2009]
How to copy and paste geometry to reuse designs. http://www.spaceclaim.com/stream/video.aspx?v=copy_paste.flv

  Exporting a DXF

[Thursday, 07 February 2008]
How we save a DXF for laser cutting.

  Creation of Helical Stairs

[Thursday, 07 February 2008]
Creation of helical stairs emphasizing helix and moving along a trajectory.

  Creating Involutes

[Friday, 01 February 2008]
How to create an involute curve in Spaceclaim for gear teeth.

  Sketching Splines

[Wednesday, 30 January 2008]
Sketching splines over complicated layouts and then editing the splines.

  Importing Drawing Formats

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
An in depth look at bringing in a DWG drawing and making it your default format.

  Creating 3D text

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A How to on creating raised text on a solid.

  Batch Converter Tutorial

[Friday, 11 January 2008]
A quick way to batch convert other file types into the Spaceclaim format.